The contribution of Noytria Hellas today …

The company, then the company Noytria Hellas (d). Tsolakis L.p., founded in 2004, is part of the activity 40 years of founder Dimitri Tsolaki, agronomist, zwotechni and Economist.

Our priority is the man, prosperity and growth, individually and as part of the wider community. With this background and the ideological foundations, our company offers its products and services in pursuit of triptych (man, prosperity & development).

In Noytria we focus on environmental protection, combating social exclusion, equal opportunities in employment, as well as cultivating relationships of mutual trust and cooperation wherever we operate. Recognizing the responsibility allocated to us and taking account of the nature of our business, we focus our interest, inter alia, in the fields of environmental protection, hygiene safety &.

It is an effort that relies on significant knowledge, years of experience, excellent organization and lofty goals, propelling the modernization of Greek livestock, over and above the economic objectives.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of our products and so our staff is constituted by an overwhelming majority of scientists specialising in ypiretoymena objects (agriculturists – animal husbandry professionals, veterinarians, chemists, economists) and highly trained workforce, responding to the needs of modern production plant for advanced and specialty products.

Continuing its long and social contribution through the creation and introduction of innovations in the field of action, contributed and contribute effectively, the years of crisis, tripling its staff and 8 new jobs.