The company, then the company Noytria Hellas (d). Tsolakis L.p., founded in 2004, is part of the activity 40 years of founder Dimitri Tsolaki, agronomist, zwotechni and Economist. It is an effort that relies on significant knowledge, years of experience, excellent organization and lofty goals, propelling the modernization of Greek livestock, over and above the economic objectives.

The NOYTRIA ELLAS IKE, addressed in animal populations that … … swim, walk or fly and processing units of the products they produce.

Produces and distributes feed supplements (vitamins and trace elements promigmata, cores, isorropistes, protein concentrates etc) furnishing farms and feed industries.

Produces and distributes special preparations balancing and strengthening the metabolism of livestock and companion animals (feedspecialties-superfoods). furnishing farms and feed industries.

Provides scientific services organisation and management of holdings, feed production units and units for the processing of livestock products.

Traffics, in November 2013, as exclusive representative in Greece and the Balkans of the English company EVANS VANODINE INTERNATIONAL PLC, products that fully cover cleaning and disinfecting livestock facilities and all of the industries processing and standardization of animal and plant foods.

The staff of NOYTRIA HELLAS LTD shall be established in the vast majority of scientists specialising in ypiretoymena objects (agriculturists – animal husbandry professionals, veterinarians, chemists, economists) and highly trained workforce, responding to the needs of modern production plant for advanced and specialty products.

The NOYTRIA ELLAS IKE, continuing its long and social contribution through the creation and introduction of innovations in the field of action, contributed and contribute effectively, the years of crisis, tripling its staff and 8 new jobs.

Zwotrofika Products

  • Promigmata vitamins
  • Promigmata minerals
  • Isorropistes feed
  • Feed concentrates
  • Cubes and slabs licking
  • Animal metabolism tuning products
  • Milk substitutes
  • Mykotoxinodesmeytika
  • Water soluble vitamin formulations & micronutrients
  • Additional mixes & complete feedingstuffs production animals
  • Fish feed
  • Pet food

Chemical Products

  • Cleaning stables
  • Stall equipment cleaners
  • Cleaning armektiriwn
  • Milk tank cleaners
  • Cleaning food factories
  • Cleaning of slaughterhouses
  • Disinfectants stables
  • Stall equipment sanitizers
  • Armektiriwn disinfectants
  • Disinfectants milk tanks
  • Disinfectants food factories
  • Disinfectants slaughterhouses


  • Feed materials
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes
  • Attractants taste
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Vaccines
  • Equipment use of chemicals