MYCOTOXIN BINDER A NUTRIA is a mixture of active argylopyritikwn and cell walls of yeast with high ability to bind and disables the mycotoxins.

Active argylopyritika bind molecules of toxins with hydrogen bonds leading to the formation of micelles of aggregations that cannot cross within the intestinal wall.

The micelles that anaptychthikan from clotting and rounding of both hydrophilic molecules of argylopyritikwn, placed in the outer layer of sysswmatwmatos, while the hydrophobic cells of toxins are placed in the internal layer of sysswmatwmatos.

The cell walls of yeast, which have as a building material the glykomannanes, strengthen the stabilisation of argylopyritikwn molecules in toxin molecules making stronger ties and almost ineffective passing within the intestinal walls.

Detoxification of mycotoxins that are influenced by the NMBA ® has almost completed for a wide range of polar and non-polar mykotoxinwn.

The removal of aflatoxin M1 from milk by adding NMBA ® is important, as well as growth, fattening, metabolism and animal yields improved.


Suggested dosage:


For prevention: 0.5-1kg/ton feed

For neutralization: 1.5-2kg/ton zwotrofis

For treatment: 2.5-3 Kg/ton feed


Packaging: 25 KG Sacks