The MYCOTOX C, NUTRIA is a polyenergo mykotoxinodesmeytiko, with five active ingredients including Bentonite, diatomaceous earth, organic acids, glyko-mannanes and enzymes. All these constitute a polydynamiko blend, unique mykotoxinodesmeytikis ability and effectiveness in addressing the problem of toxins.

The sygkrotoymeno in this way product ensures a broad spectrum control of mycotoxins.  This polyenergi activity is critical to achieve high efficiency, regardless of the type of limit in food.

The five types of active ingredients, inherent in NUTRIA MYCOTOXC, bind any mycotoxin found in the gut and transported safely outside the animal along with the stool. This prevents the entrance of mycotoxins in blood and devastating follow-up actions.

  1. Binding substances adhered physicochemical on mycotoxins forming micelles, thus making it impossible to diapydisi of the intestinal wall
  2. The schimatizomena micelles are eliminated from the intestine.

In commercial trials carried out found that the NUTRIA MYCOTOX C improves milk yields, reducing mastitis, improves the texture, manure reduces abortions, improve the hygiene of the feet and the status of the cow (becomes tranquil and calmer). The NUTRIA MYCOTOX C also strengthens the immune system of animals so as to further improve both the performance and health of the animal.

The NUTRIA MYCOTOX C will be added to the agitators total ration with the premix, before the suspect feed and stirred for 10-15 minutes. This ensures the presence of NUTRIA MYCOTOX C as close as possible to the mycotoxins. NUTRIA MYCOTOX To C may be added to fermented at livestock facilities rations. In factories must be added together with the promigmata of vitamins and trace elements.

Suggested dosage: dairy cows: For the first 10 days of use of the product 30 gram per head and per day, mixed with the ration, while the relevant proposed 10 GR/ch/date

Cows in dry period: 10 GR/ch/date

Developing moschide: 5gr/ch/date

Pigs and poultry: 1.5 kg per tonne of food

The above dosages is a standard guide. Packaging: 25 kg Sacks